A Letter to My Infant Daughter: When They Tell You You're Too...

Sweet Edie,

"She's SO tiny!"

"We need to fatten her up."

"She's too skinny."

I can't tell you how many times we've heard variations of these comments the past four-ish months. 

I also can't tell you how much they hurt me.  I know they don't come from hateful hearts, but they aren't what this proud new momma wants to hear. Because yes, you're itty bitty for your age--you've had a harder than average road.  But you know what else you are? So, so beautiful.  You're beautiful, baby.  And so happy. You're a squealing, babbling miracle. You're smart and you're strong and your personality isn't itty bitty at all. 

As a 25 year old woman who struggled through but survived the throes of female adolescence, I can tell you that, unfortunately, you'll never stop hearing comments beginning with, "You're too..." Sometimes they'll be audible (kids can be mean), and sometimes they'll be in your head (we can be even meaner to ourselves).  I hate thinking about your lost innocence the first time you compare yourself to someone else and decide you don't measure up.  Perhaps this season is just putting you a step ahead in preparing for what the world will tell you as soon as you're old enough to understand and believe lies.  Because that's what they are, honey girl.  You're not too anything.  That is a lie I pray you don't waste too much of your precious life believing.

You are everything, Edie, and just the right amount of it.

I love you, peanut.