Babywearing Love

You guys, I am a little obsessed with babywearing--it's seriously the COOLEST thing and makes the transition to new mommyhood so much more pleasant.  I'm able to pretty much hold my baby/have her close to me all day while still doing laundry and such.  She's actually all wrapped up against me snoozing away as I write this post!

In these photos Edie and I are enjoying our Solly Baby Wrap.  We also regularly use a Boba, but this Solly Baby is just so lovely and SO soft--it's definitely my favorite lately.

A wrap is a perfect gift for the new momma or momma-to-be in your life if you're still shopping!  I love being close to my girl all day, and it's a fantastic transition for baby who is used to being all snug in mommy's womb. :)