Newborn Necessities: The First Month

1 Boba Wrap // 2 Coconut Oil // 3 Nursing Tanks // 4 Swaddle Blankets // 

1// My wrap has been priceless this past month--baby wearing has been pretty much the only way I've been able to get out of bed. Girl is a little high maintenance--she likes mommy to be holding her at all times. And I don't mind it one bit because I know these days will soon be a memory, but it is nice to be able to go for a walk, swiffer the floor or get some laundry done while Daniel is at work.  My only regret is waiting until almost two weeks in to learn to tie the wrap--I was a little intimidated at first but it's really easy and Edie falls right to sleep in it!

2// Is there anything coconut oil CAN'T do? Future mommas, you'll want to have this in your hospital/birth center bag--it's awesome for making meconium (baby's first few poops are black, tarry, and super sticky) clean up a breeze. And this past week we've been using it for the babe's dry scalp--it works well and smells awesome, too!

3// At home I kind of just wear whatever--it's been a month of, "What sweatpants and tshirt do I feel like getting spit up/pee/poop on today?" But these tanks have been perfect for the few occasions I've had to leave the house, mostly for doctors appointments--I don't want to pull up my entire shirt in public, so these are awesome.

4// SO soft, lightweight, and beautiful! Girl doesn't always like being swaddled, but when she does, she looks so lovely!

5// Don't really need to explain this one. I am so thankful we're able to capture these moments!

6// Not the most glamorous item on the list, but these have been super necessary.  Once my milk came in, it CAME IN. And then wanted to come out. Okay, sorry for being gross. :)
7// Did you know babies come out with super long nails? And that they like to flail their limbs around and pretty much claw anything they touch to shreds--including their perfect new little faces. We've used our mittens almost every day because mommy is afraid to cut Edie's nails too short, but she's also tired of collecting scratches on her boobs during feeding time. 

8// We've tried three different brands of chemical free diapers, and these seem to fit girl best. And it doesn't hurt that the patterns are super cute!