A Letter for the End of the Second Trimester

Sweet Edie Faye,

Everyone keeps asking me when you're due. Their biggest concern is when we get to meet you, when this season of waiting will end.  I admit I'm incredibly anxious for that day, but I'm also fully invested in today, in these moments of growth and development.  I'm consumed by your movements, big and small, as I lie awake in bed next to your sleeping daddy in the middle of the night. I love reading that you probably grew eyelashes this week or that you're now able to turn your head from side to side--I'm giddy over every unseen detail.  I know this time is necessary for you to be strong enough to take on life outside of mommy, so I want you to stay in these moments of invisibility as long as you need to.

I've been thinking that this must be how God feels as our Maker and Father.  While we are so wrapped up in just getting through growing pains and seeing the other side of waiting--He is one hundred percent concerned with our development in these moments.  He knows how important they are, that our strength comes from these invisible journeys and not the finish line.  He's holding onto us the whole time, even though we can't always see His face.  I pray you come to understand Him as your Daddy and Protector in this way someday.

You could join us safely just over ten weeks from now, but we've read you'll most likely hang out a little longer than that.  Your daddy and I have been putting your room together and dreaming out loud about what it will be like to bring you home.  He's being so supportive about our upcoming labor and delivery--we're even taking a weekly class together that teaches him how he can coach me as I bring you into this world.  But like I said, stay in there as long as you need to, baby girl, we'll be here ready for you no matter how long we have to wait.

I love you so much,