10 Little Things: June

My life is moving so quickly lately, mostly because there are just so many crazy wonderful things going on at once. In the midst of these huge changes, I want to remain thankful for the simple things that make me happy on a daily basis. So I'm going to record a few of them once a month here, starting today!
1. Dried lavender--smells SO wonderful for forever! I love picking up a bundle from the farmers market at the beginning of the summer--this one will go in little lady's room :)

2. Our new house has awesome natural light, even on a rainy day.

3. Daily exercise. So thankful I'm still able to run, swim, dance and do yoga as I near the third trimester.

4. Gold glitter nail polish is my early summer jam.

5. Reruns of this show somehow don't get old.

6. Birthday cake scented soy candle. Yum.

7. My feet are disappearing more every day. Also, Christmas socks.

8. Hubs finished painting the nursery this weekend. So excited to fill this room with warm, happy things!

9. Fresh fruit alllll day.

10. Snuggle time on the couch with my man and squirmy babe.

I definitely recommend counting your blessings to combat your rainy Monday blues.