Snow Days

Even though I worked a half day today and Kyle had some homework to do, it was still a relaxing snow day at the Shepherd house!
I have to admit it has been veryyyy nice not having to take the dogs down 3 flights of stairs in the freezing cold to go pee. 
There is something about being snowed-in that makes it okay to do absolutely nothing. There are plenty of projects to be done around the house but nope not today, there is snow on the ground so that means we get in our comfiest clothes and slippers and sip on some coffee or hot chocolate.
The dogs have enjoyed playing around in the snow for a little bit but then they come in to do a lot of this...

-I wish I had a puzzle to work---my mom and I always always did puzzles when it was snowy and school was out. I miss that mom :)

-Snow days also make me want to read books---blankets and books are a good combination

-And of course you have to watch some sort of movie marathon---Kyle and I watched Red last night and rented Red 2 on redbox to complete the series tonight. I've seen a lot of good marathons going on when scrolling through Facebook. (StarWars, Lord of the Rings, etc.)

I hope everyone is enjoying the things that snow brings to their lazy days even if you do have to work or get some homework done---although, I hope this is the end of these days, I can only be accommodating of below freezing temps for so long :/

Stay safe and stay warm