We're Buying a House!

Now that we've been through the inspection process, I can finally announce that we are buying a house! :)

We close in mid March, and Daniel and I are so excited to make this space our own.  We're also constantly asking one another when we became old enough for this, and how did we get so blessed?

I never updated you all on how the first evening of looking at houses went because we found the one that night!  It was our second stop.  I walked in, started crying a little, Daniel looked at me and said, "Okay." We knew it was it.  We made an offer that night after seeing three more houses and finding out there was already an offer on our house.  We found out the next afternoon our offer was accepted!  From there, we set up an inspection that was postponed several days due to last week's blizzard.  Thankfully the inspection went well, and we're happily moving forward.

We've had projects on our minds for the past couple of weeks, and much of our intentional time together has been spent clicking through Pinterest and walking around Home Depot. :) Fine by me!

This house will be the first place Daniel and I move into at the same time.  It'll be OUR space from the beginning.  It'll also be the house our future babies make messes in.  I am over the moon!

And I owe it to my sweet husband, who is a master at crunching numbers and calling realtors and lenders.  WHAT A MAN. Thanks, boo!