House Hunting: Daniel and Jordan

Since it consumed most of our weekend, I think it's an appropriate time to announce that Daniel and I looking to buy a house! :)

We were pre-approved for a home loan on Friday.  I don't know many details on that whole process because Daniel kind of took care of it.  But I do know he found our realtor on Dave Ramsey's website and she referred him to a couple of banks.  We met with the realtor Saturday afternoon, discussed what we're looking for, and clicked through a BUNCH of listings online, which we've been doing for a couple of hours every evening the past few weeks. We narrowed it down to a few houses and made plans to go see them this week!

So I've obviously been dreaming about decor and pinning away between house searching sessions. I'm so excited to create a cozy space for Daniel and me, and our future little ones!

We're both a little nervous--this is a huge investment! But we're feeling mostly excited and relaxed.  We have until May to be moved out of our rent house, so we're not in a major rush.  

I do keep wondering when I became old enough for something like this, though! :)