Eden Faye, 22 Months Old

Hi, friends! I am 22 months old today!
Here's what I'm up to lately:

-I weigh 26.5 pounds and am almost 33 inches tall.
-I wear 24 months clothes and 2t panties!
-I wear size 6 shoe.
-I talk in sentences and everywhere we go strangers tell Mama they've never met someone so young with such a vocabulary/communication skills.
-I say, "Hold you, Mama," just like my mama said as a toddler. Mama did not intentionally teach me this.
-I love to eat off of Mama and Dada's plates and feed them the food off of mine.
-I still eat anything and everything!
-I wake up between 6:30 and 7 most days now and go to bed between 7 and 8.
-After I nurse first thing in the morning, I whisper to Mama that I want to, "Wake Dada up! Kiss him!" and so then I jump on him and give him a kiss and a hug.
-I am THE MOST affectionate child. I ask to hug and kiss everyone and everything everywhere. Stuffed animals, pets, strangers, pictures--I point them all out, "I see (dog!)" and ask to "I kiss him! Hug him!"
-I still love to dance and ask to every morning while eating breakfast.
-If Mama or Dada is nearby but not dancing with me, I run over and grab their hand and say, "Come ON, Mama! Shake your booty!"
-I ask for specific things to eat at mealtime.
-I still love to read and call all of my books by their titles/parts of their titles.
-I love my Winnie the Pooh, little "Sweet Baby," and orange cat stuffed animals the most and carry them everywhere.
-I love to go on walks. When I find flowers I sniff them and say, "Smells good!"
-I tell Mama when I am happy and sad.
-I love having my feet tickled when I'm feeling tired.
-I still nurse a handful of times a day and a couple times most nights.
-I take one long nap in the middle of the day.
-My personality is huge and goofy and spunky. I make friends everywhere we go.
-I love to help Mama with laundry, cleaning, dishes. I love to clean up my toys.
-I'm still playing in my cardboard house all the time!
-My imagination is awesome! I pretend I'm swimming on the floor, driving a car in my cardboard house/basket, cooking soup and eggs in my little house, taking care of my babies (feeding them my food, nursing them, making them kiss each other), making my puzzle pieces dance and hug and kiss, etc. 
-I've gotten really good at doing stairs by myself!
-I can jump (both feet off the ground at the same time!)!
-Whenever Mama gets dressed I tell her, "Looks cute!"
-I love to wear dresses and tell Mama I look pretty when I have one on.
-I always comment on the blue sky when we go outside and call it, "pretty."
-I call animals, "cute."
-I love to ride in my wagon.
-I ask Mama to "go for a run" every day. We end up playing a version of follow the leader. I tell her to "Run run run!" and we both run down the sidewalk, then I say, "Walk!" and we walk, then, "Skip!" and we skip! (My skip is more of a jog while kicking my legs straight out one at a time.)
-I think any big letters spell EDIE.
-I ask Mama to, "Spell Edie," every time I color.
-I love drawing with chalk.
-Whenever I ask Mama or Dada anything now, I ask whatever it is and then say please, so-and-so. ("Read dis book, please Mama.") It breaks both of their hearts.
-When I get served first at mealtimes, I sit at my table and immediately ask, "Sit, too, please Mama?"
-I love to swim!
-I love to "Kick Edie's soccer ball!"
-I love to "Check da mail."
-I ask Mama and Dada to "Catch me!" multiple times a day and then run away.
-I've gotten super good at letting Mama floss my teeth, and I love to brush my own when she brushes hers.
-I had my first trip to the emergency room this morning! Gashed open my hand pretty badly in two places. I was such a brave girl when the doctor was working on it.
-I have the biggest smile and darkest eyes and am so expressive. 


Edie, this month you seem to have grown ten years. You are so big and your smile is so contagious and I can't believe how huge the joy you radiate every day has become. I can't explain it. Watching you run outside beside me every morning--your chunky cheeks jiggling, your eyes becoming all squinty as you bare all of your teeth to the wind--you are just the happiest girl. I have the hardest time believing I've played any role in that. We've been told at least ten times this month that you are "the happiest toddler (I've) ever seen" by complete strangers. We've been thanked for coming to whatever public place we were exploring because just being in your presence is so refreshing to people. You live intensely and love so hard and attempt every new word or sentence without fear of failing and I am just learning so much from your sweet soul. Every day I hear myself saying I know I will miss this age. Will you be this cuddly for long? You always say, "Sorry, Mama," when you accidentally hurt me--I can't believe how big empathetic you already are. I love you I love you I love you.


Eden Faye, 21 Months Old

Hi, friends! I am 21 months old today!
Here's what I'm up to lately:

-I weigh over 25 pounds and have grown much taller this month!
-I wear 18-24 month and 24 month clothes.
-I wear size 6 shoe.
-I tinkle and poop in the potty and tell Mama when I need to go!
-I had a really bad tummy bug this month so that kind of set us back on getting out of diapers at night but we are starting to work on it again.
-I have 13 teeth.
-I can repeat pretty much any new word or short phrase on the first try.
-I talk so much! I have a really good memory and start using new words regularly after the first time I've learned them.
-I talk in short sentences like a pro.
-I answer questions like, "What do you want to eat?" "What do you want to do today?" "What do you want to wear?" "What did we do today?" appropriately.
-My favorite color is blue.
-I still color with my left hand.
-"Can't Stop the Feeling" is my favorite song.
-"The Book with No Pictures" is my favorite book.
-Because I was sick twice this month, I had a lot more screen time than usual. I am obsessed with Winnie the Pooh and ask to watch him multiple times a day. I list off all of the characters after I ask to try and convince Mama.
-I say, "Oh, bodduh!" (Oh, bother!) like Pooh regularly.
-I also say, "Ah, man," and Mama loves it.
-When Dada was out of town Mama set up a big cardboard box for me in the living room and I call it, "My hoss!" and play in it all day long. I hide in it when Mama says it's time for bed.
-I take a two hour nap in the middle of the day and go down for the night around 8 and wake up around 8.
-I still love cats.
-I love to be pulled in Mama's old wagon.
-I love working out and doing yoga with Mama and have gotten really good at doing most of the moves!
-I am a total water baby and ask to go swim several times a day.
-Lately I really love hummus and ask for it most days for lunch.
-I tell Mama, "I seepy. Nap!"
-I also tell her to, "Wie down!" multiple times a day when I want to nurse.
-Still nursing like a champ!
-Still eating like a champ!
-I'm continuing to get more and more maternal over my babies and stuffed animals.
-Shortly before I fall asleep at night I pop off the boob and grab Mama's face between my hands, kiss her, then pat her shoulders and say, "Sweet Mama."
-I love my Dada so much, too! I wake up asking for him, sometimes in the middle of the night. I get really sad when I find out he's already at work.
-I love wearing Dada's wedding ring and ask to see it as soon as he gets home.
-I love "Ring around the Rosie."
-I fill in "Old McDonald" with the animals I want when Mama sings it.
-I know my shapes and colors and point them out wherever we are.
-When I want to go in another room or go outside I grab Mama's hand and say, "Less go!" and try to drag her.
-I ask to "See chimes" when I want to go to Natural Grocers. They have a display of big wind chimes I love playing with.
-I understand feelings and know how to express them. I tell Mama when I feel "happy," "sad," "sick," "hungry," "hurt," "sleepy."
-If Mama is eating or drinking something I ask, "Some? Some?"
-I've started singing along with songs.


Oh, Edie. You couldn't possibly be any more fun. I can't believe I get to be your mama.

Eden Faye, 20 Months Old

Hi, friends! I'm 20 months old today!
Here's what I'm up to lately:

-I weigh about 25 pounds and am definitely growing taller!
-I wear 18-24 months and 24 months clothes and moved up to size 4 diapers.
-I'm moving up to size 6 shoe.
-I sleep 12 hours at night and take a two hour nap in the middle of the day.
-I usually don't wake to nurse until an hour or two before I'm ready to get up now. Sleeping through the night consistently!
-I nurse to sleep for nap and nights, when I first wake up and a few times throughout the day for a few minutes.
-I did get my first major illness this month so I pretty much only nursed for a few days--no food. I slept 20 hours total the day I had a fever!
-102 fever on June 8th. I was not myself at all!
-Aside from those few days, I still eat anything you put on my plate happily! I also ask for specific foods throughout the day.
-My current favorites are strawberries, hummus, meat, pumpkin seeds, and coconut water.
-I love kombucha! I ask for "sour sour."
-I now understand "happy" and "sad" and say them appropriately.
-"Oops!" is my current favorite word. I drop things on the floor on purpose and say, "Oops! I dropped!"
-I answer, "Yeah," appropriately.
-I still can't say my F or N sounds. F is SH and N is M.
-I tell Mama and Dada to "Stop!" when they get in the way of something I want to do. I am super determined.
-I speak in two and three word sentences all the time! "Hi Mama!" "Missy, Dada (miss you, dada)!"
-I wave and say "Hi!" to everyone all the time.
-I say, "I see!" all the time whenever I see something exciting ("Bird! Cheep cheep! I see, I see bird!") or if I want Mama to show me something ("Dada picture! I see, I see!").
-I was the flower girl in Uncle Jake's wedding! Dada walked with me and I got really frustrated when he started throwing petals on the ground. I followed him and picked them up. 
-I don't like messes. I understand and say, "Messy! Clean!" appropriately.
-I say, "Please," (peas) "Thank you," (anky) and "You're welcome" (welky) appropriately.
-I say "Love you!" (wuvoo).
I swam in a pool for the first few times and LOVED it. I ask to go swim now and throw a huge fit when we have to get out.
-With all of the major developments I'm going through, my feelings can get a little overwhelming. I've had a couple of grocery store meltdowns.
-Biting is my go-to when I'm really mad.
-My eye teeth and a couple more molars are currently coming in.
-Blue is my favorite color.
-I still love to dance!
-After spending time with her for Jake's wedding, I know and recognize my Mama's mama. I call her, "Gam."
-I also call Jake, Aunt Lindsey (Wizzy), and Pa by their names.
-Olivia is my favorite book right now.
-I am obsessed with Winnie the Pooh and Mickey.
-I walk up and down the stairs instead of crawling.
-I "jump" now! (It's more of a skip, but I call it jumping).
-I do downward facing dog on command and ask to "wook out" multiple times a day.
-I love all animals.
-I pretend all day long. I "vroom vroom" my cars, talk to and pat my babies, play with my little barn animals and make their noises, make my little dollhouse couple kiss.
-I am very affectionate. I ask for "hug," "kiss," "snug," and "cudduh" all the time.
-I love to pretend stir and cook while Mama cooks.
-I put my own clothes in my drawer.
-I've fallen in love with Dada this month. We facetime when he's at work or out of town and I hug and kiss the phone.
-I'm obsessed with having my feet tickled/rubbed like Mama is. I ask for "sheet tickuh" (feet tickle) all day and then say, "Seel good. I wikey!" over and over while Mama tickles.
-I come up to Mama and say, "Map, seepy (nap, sleepy)," when I'm tired.
-When I'm falling asleep, I now regularly pull off the boob, pat Mama's shoulders and say, "Sweet Mama, sweet Mama," and then ask for a kiss before I fall asleep.
-I am super ticklish!


Edie, you make life SO FULL lately! Your personality is HUGE and you are always busy. Somehow you still manage to take lots of time to love on Dada and me plenty, too, which just completely melts us. You rarely freak out and when you do it's pretty easy to pinpoint why (like when we first get to the store and you are used to helping me put stuff in the basket and one of the employees runs over and grabs the vitamins out of your hand and doesn't explain why). Those feelings can be so big and so sudden--I understand it can be overwhelming! You are incredibly smart and constantly surprising us with what you know--I feel like I'm just hanging out letting you learn most of the time. I love your spirit--you investigate everything intensely, run wildly, and wave at all people/animals with your entire self. I love you so so much, Sweets!

Wildflower Fields Forever

It's time for me to take a break, friends. I feel funny even writing this because it means it's a big-ish deal, and the fact that social media has become a significant part of my daily life just feels wrong in this season. But, I've been considering this little hiatus for some time and then I started THIS PROGRAM and in the three weeks since my need to unplug has grown. 

Because in this stage of my healing and growing process, I'm facing myself. And if I were to watch myself from across the room, to follow myself through my daily routine, I would find myself shaking my head every time I saw my eyes glaze over as I used every hands-free moment to reach for my phone and scroll through Instagram. "My child is playing by herself--I should use these ten minutes to catch up on the outside world." I've been telling myself this for quite some time, and now I'm questioning what it really means and what it does for me. Am I actually connecting with anyone during the average scroll through my newsfeed? Or am I usually just stumbling upon new, depressing headlines that spark new, unnecessary worries and then wading through pretty photos of people who appear much less anxious than I am on the average day? 

I'm looking forward to finding out what my marriage and my motherhood can look like when I'm truly just spending my day in my own living room with my people and not virtually at the beach or the ice cream shop or the grocery store or the farmers market or the bathtub with so many other beautiful families I've never actually met. What does my life look like when it isn't stacked up against a stranger's? 

In the past few weeks I've realized that, although I love writing and blogging and sometimes it truly does help me to feel connected, using my daughter's nap time every day to pressure myself to post something (usually while scrolling through Instagram and Facebook as my photos load) is leaving me feeling the opposite of rested. I am an introvert to my very core, and spending my one break of the day connecting to hundreds of people I don't even really know by sharing my photos and viewing theirs is not filling me up at this point. I've been grasping for all of your hands through my computer screen and mistaking it for alone time. But the past few weeks I've been spending her nap meditating and practicing yoga for the program I mentioned above (which is why I didn't post last week--the combined almost hour of meditation plus yoga didn't leave me any time before she woke up), and I am feeling SO much calmer. I feel like I have much more to give to myself and to my family, and I want to explore that. 

So, I'm taking a summer vacation. I'm not setting any strict rules for myself--I will probably check messenger occasionally for business reasons and maybe post Edie's month updates because I like to keep those in the same place for myself for the future, but I don't intend to post on here daily for the next little bit. I'm going to see what it's like to live without wondering what it will look like in photos on my blog, I'm going to read more books, I'm going to do more yoga and just drink in my child discovering the world instead of trying to capture the perfect picture of it for Instagram.

I hope you have the sweetest summer, friends. See you soon.