The BEST Gifts for a Newborn Baby


As a mama of two out of the baby stage, I get questions from friends fairly often about gift ideas for their younger littles. What does a newborn baby need for Christmas? What does your three month old want? What gift will make her life richer, make her happier?

There are a lot of guides out there that will try to convince you she needs a giant pile of this and this and this to grow into a competent, compassionate human being. But the longer I spend in this whole young motherhood season of my life, the more I have to disagree.

The best thing you can get for a newborn or young baby this Christmas? Something that takes care of her mama.

New motherhood is wonderful and terrifying and often full of unexpected loneliness and anxiety. It is incredibly easy in our culture to become lost very quickly. With the absence of the traditional village and the overwhelming amount of opinions and strategies on the internet, taking care of a tiny person can feel overwhelming and scary. I probably don’t have to explain postpartum depression or anxiety to you—you surely know someone who has/had it or you have experienced it yourself.

She is not going to ask for it herself (she may already be to the point where she has forgotten herself as a human and has become some sort of extension of the eight pound infant permanently attached to her breast), but if you can gift something to the mama in your life that will help her become a healthier mama, you are doing more for her baby than any toy or gadget could. Because babies really just need boobs and maybe diapers (and there are even families who disagree with that second one), so maybe nurture the person attached to that first necessity. Everyone around her, especially her baby, will benefit from a happier, healthier mama.

A few of my favorite ideas include a massage (my favorite local spot is offering a wonderful Black Friday deal), a gift card to a shop she has to spend on herself and not baby (Grey Dog comes to mind—beautiful vintage dresses and accessories!), or magical herbs for self care (Birth Song Botanicals has so many! I love Nurtured Mother!).


Where Should We Go?


I feel like I haven’t taken a full, satisfying breath in too long. You know that feeling? For the last couple of months I’ve been saying, “Yes!” to quite a few new things, and they are all good and exciting and worth my time and energy. But I haven’t given myself the space to pause in the midst of them. And somehow today is the first of November and I am looking out my kitchen window at the big, old trees in all of their yellow and orange and red glory, and I am begging myself not to miss this. Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons, but since I became a mama each season seems to come with its own collection of gifts I get to wake up and unwrap each day.

My youngest is still asleep, cheek to cheek with me, when her older sister wakes up and whispers excitedly, “Mama, it’s morning! It’s morning, Mama!” She is always so thankful for a new day, so I find myself feeling that way, too, even with the little sleep I’ve been getting as baby can’t seem to catch a break from the whole new teeth thing.

We have taken a little hiatus from our homeschooling rhythm the last week or so. My daughter’s birthday was wonderfully exhausting for everyone, and we needed to give ourselves a bit of wiggle room and grace from routine expectations afterward. I told myself we would take a week off and then jump back in, but then last Saturday my youngest cracked her head open on a rock a few minutes into a family hike and it rattled me more than I’d like to admit. I watched it happen while sitting down to get a picture taken of my big girl and myself, and I felt so much guilt. She is completely okay, but I blamed myself and felt pretty buried in that place for a few days.

I typically make a point to not use this space as a diary, so I promise this will not be a regular thing. But on that note, I do want to ask—what is it you’d like to see here? More informative posts? More photos? Both? Neither? I feel a constant internal war between wanting to live a quiet life with my children and feeling called to share what I’ve learned and what I feel passionate about for the sake of helping other mamas feel less lonely. So I’d love to know—what helps you, Mama? Where would you like to see Bare Mama go?

So much love to every one of you <3